About US


Where it started

The love for this breed started in 1966. We were living in Fort Collins, Colorado, my dad (Dr. Harry Gibson) was teaching at CSU.  I was seven years old when the nine month old puppy with a funny name arrived.  Most 7 year old boys were naming their dogs Spike, or Rover, or Max.  Mo Mo Sog-Ma of Shahi Taj was no name for a dog, so we just called her Mo Mo.  

I spent the next several years going from show to show with dad and Mo Mo.  I got my first taste of working at dog shows when my brother and I were given the responsibility of poop clean up.  Later on we graduated to assistant ring steward.  Once Dad even let me show Mo Mo, it was my first time ever handling a dog.  There were no classes, no practices, just grab Mo Mo and go around the ring.  I did not realize until later that the fix was in, there were no other dogs in the Miscellaneous class and dad had donated the trophy.

Mo Mo was a beautiful dog, she loved the family and was always welcoming to strangers.  We fell in love with Tibetan Terriers. Over the years we had many dogs, but when I think about which one was our family dog, I always go back to Mo Mo. 

Re-Introduced to the breed


Years passed, I got married, Laurie and I had three daughters.  After moving to Parker Co. the girls (Sarah, Laurissa and Courtney) convinced my wife, Laurie, to get a dog.  A former co-worker of Laurie’s just had a litter of Golden Retrievers.  You need to understand Laurie did not like dogs.  She was afraid of them and did not want the smelly things in her house, so it took some real convincing but we convinced her to let us get one of these puppies.  Well within a year she had fallen in love with Bailey.

In the mean time my sister (Suzanne Penner,  Zanne's Tibetan Terriers) had decided she wanted a Mo Mo and not only that, she wanted to start breeding Tibetan Terriers.  Suzanne’s second attempt produced a litter of four beautiful puppies.  Partly as a favor and partly because Courtney and I wanted a Tibetan Terrier, we agreed to purchase one of the boy puppies.  Courtney and I began taking Koda (Champion Zanne’s Koda) to conformation classes.  The classes were as much to teach Courtney and me, as they were to train Koda.  Koda’s first show was the TT National Specialty in Golden Colorado where he placed second in puppy class.

We continued to show Koda and in Feb. 2006 he became our first champion.   In early 2007 Koda sired his first litter.  Courtney wanted one of the puppies so from that litter we retained one of the girl dogs.  Breezy (Jashe’ Zanne’s April Breeze) became Courtney’s dog, she had all the responsibilities for training, grooming, and showing Breezy.  Breezy became a champion in July 2009.  Courtney went on to handle Breezy to Rally Novice title and Breezy and Koda both have their CGC (Canine Good Citizen ) titles. 

The Story Continues

We started breeding in 2010 and continue to show TTs in various AKC dog shows and occasionally in UKC.  We are credited with three generations of champions and currently working on the forth.